Product Overview


Embedded web server module

This miniature web server allows you to add web-based control to virtually any system. Its built-in scheduler makes it particularly suited to home automation applications. It is fully programmable using a subset of JavaScript called CellScript, or you can use it with a set of web pages you can download from us. These web pages provide control for INSTEON home automation products, including thermostats, irrigation, power, and lighting. Learn More...

Cell Development Kit

Hardware development platform for the WebCell

This host for the WebCell provides a range of I/O devices for testing and experimentation or for permanent connection. These include RS-232 and USB serial connections, Digi XBee radio socket, buttons, indicators, and analog I/O. Jumpers allow on-board devices to be disabled if needed. All I/O pins are brought out to pads and there is a prototyping area. The kit includes useful accessories such as Ethernet cable, USB cable, and pre-programmed microSD card. Learn More...

CellScript Simulator

Integrated development environment for the WebCell

This free IDE for WebCell development lets you simulate the WebCell on your Windows PC – you don’t even need to have the WebCell! CellScript is our subset of JavaScript used to program the WebCell, embedded in web pages. You can edit and debug web pages with Embedded CellScript on your PC, then deploy the files to the WebCell. While debugging, your PC becomes a web server simulating the WebCell with all the usual debugger capabilities like single-stepping and watching program variables. Learn More...


TV Translator

Our TV Translator product line has been discontinued. We recommend using a DirecTV receiver with built-in DVR instead of using a separate TiVo or ReplayTV.


Our test coverage tool LiveCoverage is now available as a free download, fully functional with no activation required.