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HiDef Director
Control your D11, D12, or H20 DirecTV receiver with your DVR or PC.

Our USB TV Translator allows your TiVo, ReplayTV, PC, or Mac to use a serial link to control the new DirecTV receivers with a USB port. It eliminates the need for an "IR Blaster", which can sometimes be unreliable.

USB TV Translator with attached 3' cable
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The microprocessor inside the USB TV Translator accepts channel-change commands from your DVR or PC, and sends them to the satellite receiver via USB. It works with all models of ReplayTV and TiVo DVRs (except HD TiVo; TiVo users will need the TiVo serial cable). You can try it out with our 2-week money-back trial.


We have designed the USB TV Translator to be upgradeable as needs change. Our TV Translator Configuration Utility is used to update the firmware, change settings, and control the HiDef Director.

Bottom and top inside view
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The USB TV Translator is compatible only with DirecTV satellite receivers. It will not work with any other type of set-top box, such as a cable box.