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The current web pages for home automation are fully functional but vary in visual quality; we are in the process of redesigning them for a consistent look and ease of use. In addition, product documentation continues to evolve as we strive to complete it.

CellScript Simulator

The CellScript Simulator is a free download for managing, updating, and debugging the WebCell. And it allows you to fully simulate what the WebCell can do you before you buy! This Windows Installer package also includes the full documentation and the complete set of sample WebCell web pages.

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Product Manual

The complete documentation is available online, but you can also download it as a PDF document.

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dated 2/21/2016

Sample Web Pages

The sample web pages included with the CellScript Simulator installation are also available as a separate download in a .zip file. This download allows you to update to the latest version or restore web pages you may have altered after installation.

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dated 10/4/2017