Welcome to Paterson Technology

Located in San Jose, California, Paterson Technology is owned and operated by Tim Paterson, the original author of DOS. Paterson Technology develops unique hardware and software products to address unfilled needs in consumer electronics and software development.


This miniature web server allows you to add web-based control to virtually any system. Its built-in scheduler makes it particularly suited to home automation applications. It comes ready to control your INSTEON home automation system or you can program it yourself.

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Cell Development Kit

This host for the WebCell provides a range of I/O devices for testing and experimentation or for permanent connection.

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Recent News

  • The standard home automation web pages have been overhauled to work well on small screens such as phones and tablets. Support for more brands and types of home automation devices has been added.

    September 30, 2017
  • An update to the WebCell firmware and CellScript Simulator has been released, improving performance and adding features to CellScript. The reference documentation has also been substantially filled out.

    February 22, 2016